1. Who are we?

We are the company PAAW, a simplified joint stock company registered at the RCS of Evry under the number 898 745 724, whose head office is located at 3, Rue Jules Guesdes - 91130 Ris-Orangis.

You can contact us at the following coordinates:
- e-mail address that follows: [email protected],
- telephone number: 06 51 53 20 79.

2. What do we offer?

Through our internet platform https://www.paaw. co/ (the "Platform") we give you the possibility:

(i) to be put in contact with companies or shelters offering animals for adoption (the "Shelters");
(ii) to place orders for packs of products, accessories and pet food (the "Packs").

... (together the "Services").

3. What do you need to know about our Terms and Conditions?

What is the purpose of our Terms and Conditions?
- Our Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") are the sole document governing our contractual relationship and define:
- the terms and conditions for using our Services,
- our obligations and yours.

Where to find our Terms and Conditions?
You can find them via a direct link at the bottom of the Platform page.

How to accept our Terms and Conditions?
If you are a non-registered visitor to the Platform (a "Visitor"), your use of the Services available to you entails your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, without restriction or reservation.

If you register on the Platform, you accept the Terms and Conditions by checking a box in the registration form. If you do not agree to all of our Terms and Conditions, you may not access the Services.

The Terms and Conditions may be supplemented by special terms and conditions, which, in case of contradiction, shall prevail over the Terms and Conditions.

4. What are the conditions for accessing our Services?
(i) You are a natural person with full legal capacity or, failing that, you have obtained the agreement of your legal representative, and you undertake to provide us with his or her email address so that we can contact him or her.

(ii) You have the status of a consumer, understood as any natural person who is acting for purposes that do not fall within the framework of his or her professional activity,

5. How to subscribe to our Services?

For Services requiring prior registration on the Platform, you must:

- fill in the form provided for this purpose on the Platform,
- or be registered on one of the third-party sites indicated on the Platform, use your login credentials from the selected third-party site. You expressly authorize us to access your account data on the relevant third-party site.

You must provide us with all of the information marked as mandatory.

Registration automatically results in the opening of an account in your name (the "Account") that allows you to access our Services using your login credentials and your password.

6. What are our services?

Before any subscription, you can read the characteristics of our Services on our Platform.

You acknowledge:
- that you are aware of the characteristics and constraints, particularly technical, of our Services,
- that the implementation of the Services requires being connected to the internet and that the quality of the Services depends on this connection, for which we are not responsible.

6.1. Services available to Visitors

If you are a Visitor not registered on the Platform, you can benefit from the following Services:

(i) Consultation of the presentation pages of the Shelters and animals

You can consult the database of the Shelters and animals offered for adoption on our Platform.

You can also access the details of the information relating to an animal or Shelter, by clicking on the corresponding image.

If you wish to contact a Shelter to adopt one of the animals it offers for adoption, you must first register under the conditions described in the article "How to subscribe to our Services?" above.

(ii) Donation to a Shelter

You may make a donation to the Shelters, by accessing each Shelter's website or webpage dedicated to collecting donations, via a link accessible on the Platform.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions for making donations to a Shelter are subject to the Shelter's terms and conditions of use, with which it is your responsibility to comply. We are not responsible for any transactions between you and the Shelter in this regard. Similarly, we shall not be party to any dispute with the Shelter regarding payment of this donation.

(iii) Providing a questionnaire

We provide you with a questionnaire on the Platform about your lifestyle and the animal or animals you would like to adopt.

Once you have completed this questionnaire, we will give you the opportunity to register on the Platform, according to the procedures described in the article "How to subscribe to our Services?". If you choose to register, the answers you enter when answering the questionnaire will be taken into account to guide your search for an animal to adopt.

6.2. Services accessible when you are registered on the Platform

If you are registered on the Platform, in addition to the Services accessible to Visitors, you benefit from the following additional Services:

(i) Contacting a Shelter

If you are interested in one of the animals offered for adoption by a Shelter, you can contact the Shelter, by clicking on the "contact the Shelter" button accessible on its page.

Once you have contacted a Shelter, it is up to you to agree directly with the Shelter on the practical arrangements for the adoption of the animal and, if applicable, the payment of the adoption fees.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that (a) you are contracting directly with the Shelter for the adoption of one of its animals and (b) you are personally responsible for payment to the Shelter of the adoption fee for the animal you have chosen.

On these points, we refer you to Article 16.5 of these Terms and Conditions.

(ii) Pack Ordering

You may place an order for one or more Packs, among those offered for sale on the Platform. The terms of ordering, payment of the price and delivery of the Packs are described in the article "Ordering, payment and delivery of the Packs" below.

Prior to any online order and in application in particular of the provisions of Article L111-1 of the Consumer Code, you can find out, on the Platform, the characteristics of each Pack you wish to order.

The Packs are offered for sale online within the limits of available stocks.

The photographs and descriptions of the Packs offered for sale online are as accurate as possible. They engage us only for what is indicated precisely. You are however informed and accept that certain characteristics of the Packs and in particular their color may not correspond exactly to the photographs presented on the Platform, due to technical constraints.

6.3. Our additional services

(i) Maintenance:

You will benefit during the term of the Services from maintenance, in particular corrective and evolutionary maintenance.

With regard to corrective maintenance, we will make our best efforts to provide you with corrective maintenance in order to correct any malfunction or bug found on the Platform.

With respect to evolutionary maintenance, during the term of the Services, you will benefit from evolutionary maintenance, which we may perform automatically and without prior notice, and which includes improvements to the functionalities of the Platform and/or technical facilities used within the framework of the Platform (aimed at introducing minor or major extensions).

Access to the Platform may furthermore be limited or suspended for reasons of scheduled maintenance, which may include corrective and/or evolutionary maintenance services.

(ii) Hosting:

We provide, under the terms of an obligation of means, the hosting of the Platform, through a professional hosting provider, and on servers located in a territory of the European Union.

(iii) Technical assistance:

In the event of any difficulty encountered when using our Services, you may contact us at the contact details mentioned in the "About Us" article.

7. Ordering, payment and delivery of Packs
7.1. Ordering the Packs

(i) Ordering

To place an order, you must select the Pack of your choice and place it in your shopping cart. You can access the summary of your cart at any time as long as the order is not finally validated and can correct any errors in the elements entered.

The order is deemed received by us when we can access it.

(ii) Order Confirmation

After your order has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation of the order which:

(i) summarizes the elements of the order and the expected delivery time,
(ii) includes the General Terms and Conditions in effect on the day of the order,
(iii) includes the invoice corresponding to the order.

You must ensure that the contact details entered in your Account are correct and that they allow you to receive the confirmation email of your order. If you do not receive it, you must contact us at the address mentioned in the article "Who are we?
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