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Shelters are incredible places where abandoned and unwanted animals get a second chance at life. The dedicated teams behind the scenes do everything to make them as comfortable as possible and ultimately, finding them a family. You can help them by adopting an animal or making a donation to support our mission.

Our mission

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Helping shelters
and rescues

In France, more than 4000 independent shelters and rescues fight to help abandoned animals every day.

On Paaw, you can adopt an animal but also donate to these shelters.


Save animal lives

When you adopt an animal through Paaw, you save two lives. Not only your pet's life, but you also free up space in a shelter to help another animal in need.


Find you your future best friend

We have the perfect remedy to fight loneliness or to bring a little cheerfulness in your life! A pet is simply a ball of fur and love that will fill you with happiness. For you, they are part of your life, but for them, you are their whole life.

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